state park proposal

I first met Dylan and Josie while photographing a wedding this past June. They were the best man and maid of honor, respectively, and for whatever reason I really enjoy when things like that happen. (Not be it a huge portion, but the part of me that craves organization and bow-tied loose ends can't help but beam when I learn that a "walking couple" in a bridal party is in fact an actual couple.) As if that wasn't already enough to sell me on these two, their proposal definitely was. 

I received a text the morning of July 4th from one of my and Josie's mutual friends asking if I was available to photograph their proposal... later that night. Since I'm a sucker for having the opportunity to document a good story, I couldn't say no. I found myself driving to Grand Haven State Park just before sunset to meet up with those who were also in on the surprise. It was a perfect plan until we were spotted in the parking lot as they drove past but some wide-eyed looks, sheer panic, and quick thinking got us split up and back on track. I waited down by the water until I saw Dylan and Josie begin their shoreline stroll, hand in hand. A few of their closest friends trailed back, hiding behind bushes just to be certain the surprise wasn't almost ruined a second time. 

After a walk down the beach to pass the busiest parts, Dylan got down on his knee which made Josie go weak in hers, and she immediately said yes. People in the vicinity cheered and Josie, full of so much love and excitement, ran to greet her emerging friends without having even put on the ring. (Now, THAT is love.) Laughs, hugs, and high fives were shared, and of course, everyone admired the ring. (Verrrrry nice work, Dylan.) What a treat it was to share in the surprise and capture this special moment in their lives!