sami - @shortgirlfitness

Sami and I had a killer time spending the early morning hours on the rooftops of downtown Grand Rapids. Though we didn't get the glowing light like we were hoping for, we had some moody fog which perfectly set the tone for the session. This was my second fitness shoot and let's just say I wouldn't be too mad if these continued to pop up in my calendar in the future. Sami is genuine, hilarious and full of energy (which definitely made the morning wake-up call a lot more bearable)!

If there's one thing you need to do immediately after looking at the rest of Sami's images, it's to check her out at @shortgirlfitness on Instagram. Not only is she highly-motivational health + wellness coach, but she's basically a Nike model. She keeps it real and brings the comedy all while being an inspiration to thousands of people.

Just calling it now so you can say you heard it from CEP first, this #girlboss is going places! Keep doin' what you're doin' Sami!