friends series: rebecca

Rebecca's friendship has been one of my life's biggest constants, and I think, initially, we can thank our moms for that (after all, they are sisters). Whether I want it or not, I am stuck with this "little" cousin of mine forever. But don't get me wrong, it has worked out really well ... so far. 

Growing up on the Southside of Chicago just over a mile down the road from each other meant that bike rides were a pretty common activity for us... even after she almost got hit by a car crossing 127th because she was too slow. (Gotta keep up, kid!) We went to church, school, and basically every extra curricular together. We had weekend sleepovers on the reg all throughout our childhood and, after many years of trying, we finally convinced our parents to let us have sleepovers on school nights ... at ages 16 + 18.

We spent hours playing polly pockets and every winter we attempted to build a full igloo, but never made it past the first row of recycling-bin bricks. Sometimes I would invite her over but preface the invitation with, "Will you help me clean my room?" And for whatever reason, she always, without doubt, graciously agreed. (To be completely honest with you right now, there have been times where she's come up to Grand Rapids to visit, and she still agrees to aid in whittling away my wardrobe or organizing my dresser drawers.) Bless her heart.

We hugged and cried the day I left for college, and we teared up four years later in a train station in Sevilla, Spain as my two-week adventure of visiting her on her semester abroad came to a close. I can confidently and proudly say that Rebecca is the younger sister I never had. We raid each other's closets, hold each other accountable, and talk about anything and everything - as I imagine sisters do. We've been with each other through the good, the bad, the ugly middle school years, the uncertain, the family parties, the boring, the tough times, and most certainly the laughs.

She's my go-to shopping buddy, my snapchat-monologuing bff, and my up-for-anything,-even-posing-in-a-post-Thanksgiving-dinner-rainstorm CEP test model. She's my relatable, silly, understanding, beautiful, service-hearted, corn-tortilla-loving, cousin, sister, and best friend. And despite the immediate "no" that follows my asking, I know one of these days she will move to Grand Rapids to fulfill our childhood dream of living together! (Preferably sooner rather than later, ok?)