On this Sunday afternoon, nearly two months after my time in Paris, I'm finally able to catch a break to share these photos. Today, I am also reminded of the Guiding Hand that had me and my travel buddy leave that beautiful city less than 48 hours before the devastation that occurred. How humbling is that? To be able to credit my leaving the right place at the right time to nothing other than the sheer grace of God? (The answer is incredibly humbling.)

 If I recall correctly, lovely November brought us oddly warm weather, a Midwestern snowstorm, and my most recent travel adventure. I had the sheer delight to visit my dear Budapest - a place that once served as home - and explore the most charming city of Paris. 11 sweet, quickly-passing days in Europe (in addition to two more weekends away from home) made November a whirlwind. I am currently having a hard time believing that we're already 3 days into the new year. Time. Flies.

Paris was sunny, slightly hazy and juuust expensive enough to remind me that, contrary to popular belief, money does not grow on trees. Paris was walks along the Seine, walks in the forever-connecting metro tunnels, and just plain a lot of walking - though be it the pretty kind of walking where, no matter where you are, everything is picture-perfect. Paris was baguettes and Rosé and the Tour Eiffel lit up at night. Paris was a quaint Airbnb close enough to the city center, yet far enough away to have quiet nights. Paris was busy sidewalks, insane traffic flows, and 20 Euros worth of the city's best, most famous macarons. Paris was beautiful.