andrew + hannah

I walked away from Andrew and Hannah's wedding knowing full well that I would forever rant and rave about their special day. The venue was every photographer's dream with a 360 degree view of lush, green foliage and at least a dozen completely different places you could venture off to for beautiful photos. The bride and her 'maids and the groom and his men were dressed to the nines and even the smallest details reflected the thought and intentionality that went into the planning process. But interestingly enough, those aspects of the day - though they all played into the bigger picture - are not what got me.

I could go on and on about weddings and how cool they are for so many reasons, but don't worry, I'll spare you the reading. What I will tell you is that my most favorite thing in this regard is that, on your wedding day, everyone - people from all your different worlds - comes together to celebrate and support and love you. (Really though, when else do all your worlds collide like that!?) And on rainy June 4th, everyone present did that so, so selflessly for Andrew and Hannah (and that's what got me).

Without skipping a beat or batting an eye, the ushers stood umbrella-less in the steady drizzle and happily escorted everyone to their seats. Guests were huddling under shared umbrellas (which enabled the most pre-ceremony chatter/laughter I think I've ever heard) and wiping down vacant seats with towels only to try and shield them from the rain for the guests that were still arriving. Curls were beginning to fall out and shoes were getting wet. Even my own trusty pair of Sperry's that had been generously coated with leather sealer were soaked through to my socks halfway through the ceremony.

Now, I rarely cry - let alone get teary - at weddings, but I'll unashamedly admit that the number of times I was misty-eyed throughout the course of Hannah and Andrew's day (and even in the editing process) sets a new record. The love between these two was so insanely evident that it was hard not to feel it when watching them say their vows, share in their first dance, or even look at each other. And as if that wasn't enough, that feeling of selfless love exponentially increased with each family member, friend, and guest that took part in the celebration. I couldn't have imagined a more laid back, willing, happy group of people to spend the day with even if I tried. Congratulations Andrew + Hannah! Marriage looks soo good on you two.