gabe + melissa

Melissa and Gabe's wedding will always be near and dear to my heart as I had the honor to both photograph, and stand up alongside my sweet cousin and her now husband. (Major, major shout out to Hannah Cooper for coming along and taking the reigns throughout the day to snap some incredible photos when I was required to be infront of the camera!) 

The day was filled with below average, mid-May temperatures and above-average smiles; and per usual, the lovely, lakeside town of Grand Haven, Michigan did not disappoint. With the cutest prep location and the dreamiest lighting to start off the day, I knew it could only go up hill from there. Emotions flew around as the day went on in the most beautiful way possible, and the anticipation for the long-awaited ceremony grew with each passing hour. Gabe and Melissa's bright color scheme and non-traditional, unity-candle-alternative of creating an abstract painting during the ceremony perfectly reflected their outlook on and zest for life. With their closest family members and friends there to witness it all, it was definitely one for the books. Congratulations, again Mr. and Mrs. Doran! I can't wait to see what new adventures you two take on as husband and wife! (PS: Oh, and Gabe? Welcome to the family :) !!)