martin + ellie

Martin and Ellie were an absolute delight; and because of them, and because of this session, I'm encouraging everyone to consider a just-for-fun session. Why? Because whether you use it to document your best girl friends, your marriage of 30 years, your dog's birthday, or even your brand new relationship, it's part of your life. And it's important to you right now. It's shaping you, it's defining you, and it makes you happy. And that's reason enough to celebrate and document and share with the world what's most important to you!

That's what these two did. We walked around Downtown Grand Rapids getting to know each other, hearing each and sharing our "right now", and "what's next," and hopes for the final months of their undergraduate careers, and even dreams for the the not-so-near future. Their reserved demeanors and initial hesitations about being in front of the camera were no obstacle (clearly). And... we had such a great time, we even ended up going out for drinks afterwards!