jordan + megan

I first met Megan our freshman year of college; both semesters that year we had a class together with the same professor. (Shout out to Prof. Ahn for bringing us together!) If someone had told me 5 years ago that we would be best friends and living together, I would have probably just laughed it off. You meet a lot of people your first year at college and only so many are bound to stick around. (Megan did.)

Now, I can't exactly recall the very first time I ever met Jordan, but I do know that the first several times I met Jordan, Megan introduced us.... every. single. time. And every single time we would laugh, look at each other, and right before we would have had to bear through the formalities, we'd remind Megan that we had already met a few times before.

But that's one of the best things about these two, their love and excitement for each other.  Now that they're planning their life together, I still see the same happiness (and then some) that I saw in Megan at the beginning of our friendship when she would talk about Jordan or introduce us. Hanging out with these two guarantees a ton of laughs (thanks for always letting me 3rd wheel!) and a fantastic time. I could not be more excited that two of the best people I know will finally be tying the knot in January and I will be there to celebrate it all!