grand haven theater proposal

Gabe went above and beyond to profess his love for his lady of four years. He rented out a room in a movie theater in Grand Haven, invited all of their family and friends, and compiled materials for a video that eventually snuck onto the screen amidst the previews. The lights turned on, Melissa discovered their 40+ friends and family members filling in the rows behind them, and Gabe proposed to her right then and there (only after she shaved part of his beard, which she had said he couldn’t shave until they were engaged) . Happy tears filled the room and a celebratory dinner followed the big question. It was a great morning.

Melissa is my dear cousin, and we've been best friends for all our lives. I know that when she’s with him, she’s the happiest I’ve ever seen her; and I could not be more happy for these two as they plan their big day. Can’t wait for their wedding this coming May!