Art.Downtown. 2015

Grand Rapids has now been my second home for the past four years. While living here I’ve grown to love the people I’ve met, the places and I’ve been, and the majority of the weather I’ve endured. (I’m still working on getting accustomed to these Michigan winters. Don’t get me wrong, the abundance of snow is beautiful; but Winter, the mitten brings out the worst in you.) In addition to those, I’ve especially grown to love the Grand Rapids community as a whole. In 2011 I became a volunteer in the Grand Rapids Public School system, ventured into the less than picture-perfect neighborhoods of Grand Rapids and taught elementary-aged kids how to read and write. I also became more involved in the art community and found myself partaking in workshops, buying local from artists who sell their works in small shops and working galleries, as well as attending artist lectures, gallery receptions, and public events.

This past April I was able to work with Avenue for the Arts as a documenter for Art.Downtown. I was assigned a handful of venues around the city where artists were showing their work, and was able to meet and talk with the artists about their work and their lives as artists. The show was filled with beautiful, inspiring work and I am so thankful for the opportunity! (See links below for more information on Organizations and Artists mentioned and pictured in the images below.)