gabe + melissa

Three words for these two: it's about time.

I've known Melissa for my whole life, and I've known Gabe for the entirety of their relationship. I vividly remember her telling me about Gabe four years ago (almost to date!) when we were were merely underclassmen in college. He asked her to be his date to a medieval-themed wedding, and she was convinced they were just friends. Of course in my own mind, I knew that no one asks someone to attend a wedding - especially one where, as a plus 1, you'll know next to no one - unless that someone is awfully special. And sure enough, I was right. Four years later and I've never seen Melissa happier than she is now. Thanks, Gabe, for loving and taking care of one of my best friends. I could not be any happier for you both, and I can't wait for May! 



{ allegan county fair, michigan }