codie + rachel

Planning a wedding day that is to [ideally] happen completely outdoors is risky, especially in Michigan. With Saturday showers in the mix the entire week leading up to Codie and Rachel’s wedding, I was a bit nervous to see how the day would go. But in this case (and many other cases this summer), the weather man was wrong and I am glad he was. Perfect weather accompanied us throughout the day’s entirety and that was such a huge relief.

Sweet Rachel and I have known each other for a handful of years, and I had the pleasure of rooming with her in Budapest for a semester. This time also happened to be early on in her and Codie’s relationship. I heard many muffled, one-sided FaceTime conversations outside of our door, I heard many laughs, but I mostly heard how much they love each other. When I think of what I know of Codie and Rachel’s relationship, I think of selfless love. From the beginning, they were truly devoted to each other and seeing that devotion solidified this past July was beautiful.

The hilarious bridal party, wide array of desserts and lawn games, and feet-washing ceremony that replaced the typical unity candle or sand made for a beautiful, special start of their journey together as husband and wife. Thanks so much for letting me capture and be a part of your celebration!

(Shout out to Stephen Norregaard Photography for taking the guys’ prep photos!)